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What is natural movement?

natural movement leeds
What is natural movement?

Have you heard of natural movement? If not, you are in for a treat. Natural movement is the capacity of the human body and animal body to move with natural functions, to work on its own, without any kind of external force being applied. In other words, it is a natural movement.

In nature, animals are able to move around efficiently using their motor skills. There’s a lot that we can learn from this when it comes to movement, both in terms of being able to move more efficiently and also how we can replicate the way that animals move. Learning about human movement is as simple as observing nature. The more we understand natural human movement, the more proficient and efficient we will be at moving around ourselves.

Why did we stop moving?

Our bodies are designed to move. It is in our genetics. But somewhere along the way, we stopped moving. We became lazy and comfortable, coming up with all sorts of innovative excuses why it isn’t necessary anymore.

The human race has come a long way in terms of technology and ingenuity but somehow lost something in the process. We used to live for the present; we used to live for the experience; we used to live (or rather survive) amongst nature; and we moved every day just to survive – chasing food sources and being chased by everything that moved.

Movement has become a rarity for the average person. We sit at desks all day, drive to work, sit on the couch all night, and go back to sit in front of computers or televisions. Movement is good for you, but we’ve somehow forgotten that over the past few decades. People are too busy doing other things to focus on something as simple as exercise.

Why movement is important?

When we spend too much time at the office in front of a computer, our bodies begin to hurt. The same goes for when we’re working from home. If you’re looking for a way to get your body moving and to take a break from the stress of your day job, consider taking a walk. It takes very little effort to avoid back, neck, shoulder, and even wrist pain by simply stepping away from the desk for a few minutes. 

Never underestimate the power of a five minute walk. Just take a lap around your house or office – even in short bursts, walking has been proven to boost moods, reduce stress and improve concentration. And while you are doing this, ask yourself how you would feel if you moved more every day.

Rediscover Your Natural Abilities

Being able to move your body in ways you’ve never done before can feel like a gift. We tend to think that the physical changes we undergo are permanent, but our bodies change with time and this change is crucial for our mental wellbeing. Regular movement is one small way to help you have better mental health. Being inactive or stuck in a chair for long amounts of time can have a detrimental effect on health. Being uninspired or tired is an obvious sign that you need to get moving!

Your natural human movement abilities are always there. You can tap into these abilities in several ways: Do whatever it takes to support and encourage your inner child or movement habits. You can do it by moving free of external constraints or expectations. If you want, make time to regularly run around without shoes or worry about the number of people watching you or what they’ll think.

Or maybe you would rather dance in the privacy of your home for no one but yourself. By allowing yourself to be silly, open up to spontaneous movements, or take playful risks such as walking barefoot out in nature or trying a new yoga pose, you can experience your body as alive and interesting and discover new aspects of your energy

3 Simple things you can do TODAY to improve your natural movement

Get barefoot more often

Barefoot walking is good for you in many ways. It improves your balance, coordination, mobility, reaction time, and general gait. Your body gets more use out of the ground during movement because your toes don’t get fatigued from carrying heavy weights or pushing against a wall.

Go play on grass

Who doesn’t like playing on grass? It’s a great form of exercise and can help improve your focus. Try playing catch with a friend or join a group walk. Rolling around on the grass can help alleviate tension in the body and calm an over-active mind.

Look for movement opportunities in your day-to-day

Chores and rituals are important. But we tend to create routines so tightly that we’ve lost track of how often we actually move throughout our days. To find movement in your day-to-day routine, look for opportunities to take short, 3-5 minutes actions –  such as stepping away from your desk or checking your phone in another room, resting in deep squat or hanging of a pull-up bar. These small actions can make a huge difference for your body and mind.

Embrace Natural movements and you are less at risk from injury and illnesses caused by a sedentary lifestyle. I am currently running free movement and mobility classes in Leeds parks over the summer. Each session is 1 hour long, and everyone is welcomed to come and learn how to move their bodies in a more efficient manner. You can contact me via email or through instagram with any questions.

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